Ecco la prima donna ad arbitrare in un campionato europeo

Tutto ciò che fa discutere sul mondo arbitrale

Ecco la prima donna ad arbitrare in un campionato europeo

Messaggioda admin il mer mag 31, 2017 1:50 am

Il corrispettivo della Serie A tedesca infatti ha per la prima volta introdotto nel suo cast arbitrale una donna.
La stagione 2017/2018 sarà senz'altro ricordata per la presenza del primo arbitro donna in un campionato professionistico maschile tedesco: dalla prossima stagione la Bundesliga potrà contare su Bibiana Steinhaus, promossa dalla Federcalcio come annunciato nelle ultime ore: sarà il primo arbitro donna ad arbitrare partite del massimo livello del calcio tedesco. "È per questo che sono molto soddisfatta della fiducia del Comitato Arbitri", ha detto Bibiana Steinhaus.
La Steinhaus, nativa di Hannover, dopo essere stata la prima donna arbitro nella serie cadetta (dal 2007) e la prima ad arbitrare un match di DFB Pokal (2008) accede grazie alle sue ottime prestazioni al massimo campionato. Quest'anno arbitrerà poi la finale della Champions League femminile tra Paris Saint-Germain e Lione. Quella vinta dai nerazzurri di Josè Mourinho. Howard Webb si augura che la stessa cosa possa accadere in Premier League: "Abbiamo dei validi arbitri donna in Inghilterra, alcune stanno arrivando e se avranno le capacità di imporsi non ci sarà nessuna differenza rispetto ai loro colleghi uomini".

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Re: Ecco la prima donna ad arbitrare in un campionato europe

Messaggioda Doraemon il gio giu 01, 2017 8:08 am

Classica intervista pre-finale sul sito UEFA. ... 74290.html

Steinhaus relishes Cardiff date

Thursday's UEFA Women's Champions League final referee Bibiana Steinhaus says that although she has taken charge of a host of big matches, the feeling of excitement at "being there" never disappears.

Referee Bibiana Steinhaus has no doubts about how she will feel when she lines up with the two teams before Thursday's UEFA Women's Champions League final between Lyon and Paris Saint-German at the Cardiff City Stadium.

"I will probably have goosebumps," says the 38-year-old police officer from the town of Bad Lauterberg, in the Lower Saxony region of northern Germany.

"It's probably the moment that I enjoy the most; the feeling of being there, of having been selected for this match together with my team," she reflects. "I'm really grateful to be there, and that people have trusted me enough to send me there."

Even if she is already well accustomed to taking charge of the biggest matches that women's football has to offer – such as the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup final in her home country, and the gold medal match at the 2012 Olympic women's football tournament in London – Steinhaus says that the feeling of excitement never goes away with each new appointment.

"It's a real honour to be asked to referee the match in Cardiff, and to be part of the Women's Champions League, which is an amazing competition."

Steinhaus will be accompanied at the final by assistant referees Katrin Rafalski and Christina Biehl, and fourth official Riem Hussein, all from Germany. Reserve official Sian Massey (England) completes the referee team.

She sees Thursday's all-French encounter in Wales as an ideal opportunity to highlight the massive strides that women's football – and women's refereeing – have both taken in recent years.

"The speed and dynamics of women's football have developed, for sure," Steinhaus explains. "The players are now athletes – and women referees have had to develop at the same pace. At this final and at the coming Women's EURO, we will have a chance to see just how much progress has been made.

"UEFA is giving huge support to women's football and women's refereeing, and this has been a big factor."

Another piece of good news came Steinhaus's way recently. Next season she will become the first female referee to officiate in the German men's Bundesliga – a fitting reward not only for her refereeing qualities, but also for the hard work that she has put in over the years.

"I became a referee because I wasn't a very good player," she recalls. "And refereeing got into my blood. I just enjoy what I'm doing, from game to game."

Steinhaus feels that respect is crucial in football, between players, coaches, referees and everyone else involved in the game. "We all wear Respect badges on our shirts, but we really have to all treat Respect as a real living value. We are all working on the same 'product' – football – and we have to come together, and 'sell' this product as it should be sold to the world."

The referee team in Cardiff will be focused and united. All of the officials will also be deploying the essential people management skills that referees need to succeed.

"I firmly believe that managing people is a key part of refereeing," Steinhaus emphasises. "It's like in life – how you react to people and how they respond to you. A referee is a decision-maker on the field; half of the players will agree with your decision, and half won't! That's the job of a decision-maker, in life as well.

"I always ask myself: 'Have I done the best job I could? Did I prepare in the right way? Did I do all I could to take the right decisions?' If I can say that I did all these things, then I'm able to feel comfortable with myself."
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Re: Ecco la prima donna ad arbitrare in un campionato europe

Messaggioda 777 il gio giu 01, 2017 10:29 am

Purtroppo in Italia l'arbitraggio al femminile dopo alcuni anni con assistenti in serie A e B ed arbitri in CAN c, non ha avuto elementi pronti per mantenere le posizioni o farlo addirittura crescere , speriamo che nel futuro si riesca a recuperare.
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Re: Ecco la prima donna ad arbitrare in un campionato europe

Messaggioda Panzer98 il dom giu 04, 2017 11:47 am

io non sono molto d'accordo.. :lol: :lol:
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Re: Ecco la prima donna ad arbitrare in un campionato europe

Messaggioda FDalo il dom giu 04, 2017 11:56 am

Panzer98 ha scritto:io non sono molto d'accordo.. :lol: :lol:

E perché mai?
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